We sell Thai Tongkat Ali roots for 1000 Baht per kg. The roots are fully dried, which is important to avoid funguses. 1000 Baht currently is 32 USD, or 29 Euro. Within Thailand, we ship free of charge. To other countries, shipping is charged extra.

We do not sell capsules. Anyway, more often than not, the content if capsules is just root powder. Claims of high-potency extracts are usually just lies.

Anybody can produce easily his or her extract. A tongkat ali extract just dissolves tongkat ali constituents that are soluble in liquids. Liquids for dissolving tongkat ali active constituents can be water or alcohol. In Thailand, dirty old men put root chips into Thai schnaps and swear it gives them the power for chicks. In Muslim Malaysia, where men consume tongkat ali as regularly as Bavarian men go for beer, only water is used to extract tongkat ali.

Overseas customers can contact us through the following email address:

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