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Here at I have been selling genuine tongkat ali whole root since 2014. Whole roots need to be chipped and the boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting tea tastes absolutely terrible, to say the least. However, not everyone who wants to use tongkat ali is willing to go through the process of preparing his or her own tea. Quite a number of people prefer a ready-made, ready to use product.

After I have been asked for years whether I could also ship capsules, I have now partnered with to resell a selection of their well-established testosterone boosters. I encourage you to check their website They have much more information than I do, and they have been in the tongkat ali trade for some 30 years. The products I sell are the same. I just have lower prices. So I am sure you will come back.

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Why do I have lower prices? The people at are a manufacturer and wholesaler. They are Indonesian and Thai, with Philippine office staff. Maybe they don't want to be bothered with retail, or maybe there is a language barrier. Anyway, they give 75 to 80 percent discount to resellers. So they outsource a lot of retail.

I myself started with the testosterone booster tongkat ali because I am into bodybuilding. Nothing dramatic, not good enough for competition or even just to post photos.

The following is the text, slightly modified, that got me going on using tongkat ali for bodybuilding, and ultimately selling it. I think the original was written by Serge Kreutz.

Now I found scientific official proof: tongkat ali extract causes noticable muscle growthin men. The British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that in a double-blind placebo controlled scientific trial, the use of tongkat ali extract was the reason for a 5 % increase in lean body mass in the treatment group, while no noteworthy changes were seen in the placebo group. I believe that 5 % in 5 weeks is a big improvement, which becomes obvious if you calculate the increase this would mean over a course of a year (5 weeks – 5 %; 52 weeks – 50 %).

Among facts I found most interesting is that the journal article reports: “The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group.”

You can read the abstract of the clinical trial with healthy men at the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

# 007, you can access for free

I have a printscreen of the abstract of the study somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment. I will include it, one I have looked through the files of my old computer.

As you may expect from a scientific publication, the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine is not so easy to navigate. In this specific case, the abstract on the scientific trial about tongkat ali has been put together with a number of other abstracts. The abstracts are numbered 001, 002, 003, and so on. The abstract that talks about tongkat ali’s effect on bodybuilding has the number 007. You have to be aware that the Latin, scientific name of tongkat ali is Eurycoma longifolia.

There are a few things you may want to pay attention to in an interpretation of the results of the cited scientific study with human subjects. For example, you should consider that the tongkat ali extract used in the trial has been made in a university laboratory. I assume there may be a difference between authentic university lab-extracted tongkat ali and the commercial products you find on health store shelves. In my opinion, if the reason for your tongkat ali usage is muscle gain, you can ignore all products from US heath food chain shops, and you don't have to look at Amazon, or eBay. Tongkat ali is one of the most expensive herbals on the market because (1) it’s rare, and (2) it takes a incredibly time long to grow. Thus, what you get as cheapish stuff is never a powerful extract. Unfortunately, many of the products you have to pay more money for, will also cheat you. You have to look what company produced the product you are interested to buy.

The only two country in the world where you still find substantial resources of tongkat ali in the wild are Indonesia and Thailand. The shrub once was common in Malaysia, but because the search for tongkat ali has turned into something like the one for truffles in France or Italy, tongkat ali has since been named a protected plant in Malaysia, and forest areas where it is still found have already been watched over by forest rangers for several years. (The Star, January 30, 2001)

While you can read on the internet that much of “Malaysian” tongkat ali sold in recent years was actually from Indonesia, it’s expected that the supply from Indonesia will also dry up in the coming years. The former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that the protection of the Indonesian forests was a prime priority of his government. But as I saw from numerous news reports, they burned down forests anyway on a large scale to make space for palm oil plantations. I think Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must have been joking when he promised: “The government will take strong action on the perpetrators and will take them to court where they will receive the most severe punishment.”

Tongkat ali isn’t a fast-growing weed. My Thai friend who have started a plantation for tongkat ali told me that full size can’t be expected in less than 25 years. The effectiveness of mature tongkat ali is said to be far superior to that of young plants. Furthermore, tongkat ali is as hard to grow as orchids, my Thai friends explained. The soil needs to be sandy and has to be well drained. However, new water is needed several times a week. Tongkat ali also needs a semi-shaded environment. The plant’s natural habitat is limited to tropical jungle slopes (which naturally are drained after a downpour) and which are partly shaded by the rain forest canopy while leaving some sunlight to reach the plant because of the angle of the terrain.

Due to the fact that tongkat ali is so expensive, even in Malaysia where it originated, I have seen a worrisome trend that traders there now think it more economical to sell herbal fillers that are laced with Pfizer’s Blue, rather than authentic tongkat ali (which buyers request). (New Straits Times, April 10, 2004)

For those of you who take the so-called tongkat ali for its prosexual effects, the doupe may actually work (though the substitution can be life-threatening, and sildenafil analogues and even authentic sildenafil are on record to give you a higher risk for a stroke ). However, for those of you who look for genuine tongkat ali for the aim of improving the ratio between lean body mass and fat, the stretched Pfizer’s Blue will have no effect.

As I have explained numerous times, the active ingredients in tongkat ali are present only in little amounts. You will need about 50 gram of the root for one dosage, and athletes among you who want to get maximum results without having to take illegal steroids will typically take 2 or 3 dosages a day. Scientifically established effectiveness, dropping resources, and the natural difficulty of analyzing the composition of a natural medication are a dangerous mix. While you may soon see authentic tongkat ali extract measured on gold scales, the demand of a growing market for ever cheaper products will definitely attract a huge number of cheaters.

How to guard yourself from being cheated? I suggest you always cheack the origin of a product before you buy. Are they an established seller in the tongkat ali market? Where are they located? You should avoid Singapore.

And simply, you shouldn't trust cheap prices when your seller can't explain to you why his prices are cheap.

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